How to Fix WooCommerce Not Sending Order Emails (The Simple Way)

Are you annoyed with your WooCommerce store not sending order emails?

When operating an eCommerce store, you need to know that your customers will receive their receipts and any order update emails quickly and reliably.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you the easy way to fix WooCommerce not sending order emails.

How to fix WooCommerce not sending order emails

What Causes WooCommerce Emails to Not Send?

If you are running an online store, then you depend on email to keep your business running smoothly.

You use email to welcome new customers and keep your relationship with them. Emails are delivered to confirm orders and follow up on abandoned shopping carts. And email is needed to let customers reset their passwords.

But a lot of times, we hear that eCommerce sellers have some trouble with WooCommerce not sending emails.

Sometimes this happens due to issues in your WooCommerce settings. We’ll show you how to check those settings first.

Other times it’s a deeper issue with the way WordPress sends email. By default, WordPress sends emails through PHP mail. Unfortunately, not all WordPress hosting servers are correctly configured to use PHP mail.

Even when your emails are delivered successfully, they may be incorrectly identified as spam. This means they could be automatically removed without ever being seen.

The best way to ensure that your emails are reliably delivered is to send them through an SMTP service.

We’ll show you how to set up an SMTP server later in this tutorial, but first, let’s make sure there isn’t a problem with your WooCommerce settings.

Check WooCommerce Email and Order Settings

The first thing to check is your WooCommerce settings for emails and orders. If one of your settings is incorrect, then your order emails won’t be sent.

Check WooCommerce Email Settings

We’ll start by checking that your emails haven’t been accidentally deactivated. To do that, go to WooCommerce » Settings on the WordPress dashboard and then click on the Emails tab.

List of WooCommerce Emails

Here you can see a list of all the notification emails that WooCommerce will send. Some are sent to you and some to your customers. You will need to check the settings for each email.

Let’s start at the top and check the ‘New order’ email by clicking on the ‘Manage’ button on the right.

You’ll need to check two settings. First, make sure the email is enabled. Sometimes it is disabled accidentally, and the email won’t be delivered if the box isn’t checked.

Make Sure the Email is Enabled

Second, you need to ensure that the recipient’s email address is correct. You’ll only find this setting for emails that will be sent to you. When an email is delivered to the customer, the correct email address will be used automatically.

You can do the same for each type of email in the list. If everything looks good, then we need to check the status of each order where WooCommerce did not send an order email.

Check WooCommerce Payment Status

You’ll need to navigate to WooCommerce » Orders to check the status of recent orders. If you don’t yet have any orders, then you’ll want to do a test order and then come back.

Navigate to WooCommerce » Orders

If the order status is ‘Pending payment’ as in this example, then that shows why an email was not sent. By default, WooCommerce doesn’t send an order email for pending sales.

Pending orders are waiting for further action. Maybe the customer added something to their cart and then abandoned it. Or maybe the customer needs to complete a manual payment, such as a bank transfer.

But if the status is ‘Processing’, then there’s a problem. An email should have been delivered to both you and the customer. If it didn’t arrive in the inbox, then most likely it was treated as spam.

That’s a common problem with WooCommerce and WordPress emails. The best way to resolve that problem is to send your email using an SMTP server.

Fix WordPress Email Reliability with an SMTP Server Plugin

SMTP is the standard protocol for sending emails over the internet, but it isn’t what WordPress uses by default. Unfortunately, that often leads to emails from WordPress being treated as spam.

Sending email through an SMTP server is more reliable because it uses proper authentication. Your customer’s email software will be confident that your emails are genuine, and they’re less likely to be moved to the junk folder.

WP Mail SMTP is the best SMTP plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce. It’s the simplest way to make sure your order emails are actually delivered to your customer’s inbox.

To fix WooCommerce not sending order emails, you need to install and activate the WP Mail SMTP plugin.

Note: The free version of WP Mail SMTP is all that’s needed for this tutorial. But the Elite plan comes with White Glove Setup where an expert will set up the plugin for you.

On activation, the WP Mail SMTP setup wizard will start automatically. You’ll need to click on the Let’s Get Started button.

The WP Mail SMTP Setup Wizard Will Start Automatically

Then, you need to choose the SMTP service you wish to use. We recommend and Sendinblue because they are able to securely send large numbers of emails and without triggering spam filters.

Besides, Sendinblue allows you to send up to 300 emails each day for free.

Choose Your SMTP Mailer Service

After you’ve selected a service, you need to click on the ‘Save and Continue’ button. Then, you’ll be asked to configure your mailer settings.

Here you’ll be asked to copy some information from the mailer service you selected, and then paste it into the form. The exact steps you need to take will rely on the mailer service you have chosen.

Configure Your Mailer Settings

The setup wizard will also ask you to set up a From Email. Make certain you use the same business email address here as you entered when setting up your SMTP mailing service.

We Recommend You Force the Same Email Address

We also recommend that you check the ‘Force From Email’ box. This will ensure you use the same email address across your website. This can also help to make sure your WooCommerce emails don’t go to spam.

You’ll then be asked which email features you wish to enable. You need ‘Improved Email Deliverability’ and ‘Email Error Tracking’ to fix WooCommerce not sending email. They will be selected by default.

Enable WP Mail SMTP Email Features

If you’ve subscribed to WP Mail SMTP Pro, then you’ll have access to a few additional features. For instance, the ‘Detailed Email Logs’ feature will let you check individual emails to make sure they being are sent.

WP Mail SMTP Pro Offers Additional Features

The Pro version will also allow you to resend a failed email. That can be really helpful when the customer typed in the wrong email address.

Send a Test Email

Congratulations, you’ve now set everything up! Let’s make sure it works by sending a test email.

You’ll need to visit WP Mail SMTP » Tools and then click on the ‘Email Test’ tab. The site’s admin email will be entered by default, but you can send the test email to a different address if you like. Then, click ‘Send Email’.

Make Sure Everything Works by Sending a Test Email

If everything has been set up correctly, then you should see a ‘Success!’ message. Make sure you also visit your email inbox to make sure the email actually arrived.

You Should See a Success! Message

We hope this tutorial has helped you learn how to fix WooCommerce not sending order emails.

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