How to Add Amazon Ads to Your WordPress Site (3 Methods) P2

Method 2. Add Amazon Affiliate Links in WordPress

Do you want to create an Amazon affiliate site? Affiliate websites operate a little differently than sites monetized by display ads alone.

With affiliate marketing, you’ll earn a commission whenever a visitor clicks on your link and purchases a product.

Adding Amazon affiliate links to your site is super easy with the help of the right plugin. We recommend using Pretty Links or Thirsty Affiliates. These are two of the best affiliate marketing plugins for WordPress.

The first thing you’ll need to do is install and activate the plugin. We’re going to use Pretty Links. However, you can choose Thirsty Affiliates as well.

Upon activation, you’ll have a new menu item in your WordPress dashboard labeled Pretty Links.

Before you create an affiliate link in Pretty Links, you’ll need to visit your Amazon Associates dashboard and create a link. Once you’re in your dashboard, go to Product Linking » Product links.

Amazon product links

Here you can search for the product that you want to create a link for.

After you’ve found the product, click ‘Get Link’.

Get Amazon affiliate link

Then you’ll need to copy the link code.

To do this, click the ‘Text Only’ navigation item, then click the ‘Short Link’ radio button.

Amazon affiliate link copy

This will bring up the affiliate link you need to copy.

Now, go back to your WordPress dashboard and go to Pretty Links » Add New.

Pretty Links add new

Next, you’ll need to name your link, add your target URL, and create your link.

Your target URL is the link you copied from your Amazon Associates account. The ‘Pretty Link’ is the shortened URL you want to use instead.

Also, be sure you choose a 301 redirect. After you’ve made your changes click ‘Update’ to save the link.

Now, you can add your affiliate link to your content.

Open up a WordPress page or post. In the post editor, highlight the text you want to link and copy your affiliate link from above.

Add Amazon affiliate link

Now, when your readers click the link they’ll be taken to the product in the Amazon store. If they buy the product, then you’ll receive a commission.

Method 3. Add Amazon Popup Ads in WordPress

Another great way to add Amazon ads to your site is with a popup. You’ll have whole control over when and how the popup displays on your website.

You can even personalize the popups based on user behavior, their location, the page they’re viewing, and so much more.

The easiest way to add Amazon popup ads is by using OptinMonster. It’s one of the best WordPress lead generation plugins on the market used by over 1.2 million websites.

It enables you to add all kinds of popups to your WordPress site easily.

Firstly, you’ll need to install and activate the OptinMonster plugin on your WordPress site.

The plugin acts as a connecter between your WordPress website and the OptinMonster software.

Once you’ve activated and installed the plugin, click on the ‘OptinMonster’ menu item in your WordPress admin bar.

OptinMonster main menu

Next, you’ll need to connect your site to OptinMonster by clicking ‘Launch the Setup Wizard’.

Here, you can connect to an existing account or claim your free account.

OptinMonster setup wizard

Once you’ve finished going through the setup wizard, your WordPress site will be connected to OptinMosnter.

To start creating a popup ad, go to OptinMonster » Campaigns.

Then click ‘Add New’ to create a new campaign.

Add new OptinMonster campaign

After that, choose the ‘Popup’ campaign type.

Then, choose the campaign template. We will select the ‘Canvas’ template since this gives us a blank template to add our Amazon ad code.

OptinMonster canvas template

Now, enter the name of your campaign name and click ’Start Building’.

The name of your campaign won’t appear in your design but instead is to help you remember.

Name OptinMonster campaign

This will open up the OptinMonster app, where you can customize the appearance of your popup.

You won’t be making that many visual changes. Instead, you will copy and paste the Amazon ad code you generated earlier.

OptinMonster HTML block

Firstly, click on ‘Blocks’, then select the ‘HTML’ block and drag it over.

In the ‘Editing HTML Element’ box, paste your Amazon ad code. It’ll automatically appear in the editor.

Add Amazon HTML code

You can further customize your popup by adding new blocks, headings, text, and more.

When you’re satisfied with the look of your popup, make sure to click ‘Save’, then click on the ‘Display Rules’ tab.

OptinMonster popup display rules

This is where we’ll set your popup display options.

The default setting is for the popup to display when a visitor has been on the page for at least 5 seconds. However, you can adjust this if you want the period to be shorter or longer. Then, click ‘Next Step’.

You can leave the default options on the next screen. Feel free to add animation or sound effects if you’d like. Once you’re done, click ‘Next Step’.

On the ‘Summary’ page, you can double check that your display settings are correct.

OptinMonster popup summary page

Now, go to the ‘Publish’ tab and switch the ‘Publish Status’ from Draft to Publish.

Then, click ‘Save’ and exit the screen.

Publish OptinMonster popup

Your Amazon ad popup will now be live on your site and display for visitors after the time period you set earlier.

The best part about OptinMonster is that it’s one of the few WordPress popup plugins that can grant you complete control over personalization. Their display rules are extremely powerful, and you can use them to display several Amazon ads targeted towards different sections of your website.

We hoped this article has helped you add Amazon ads to WordPress.

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