How to Customize WooCommerce Product Pages (Easy way) P2

How to Improve Your WooCommerce Product Page Conversions (2 Ways)

After you have customized your WooCommerce product page, you can further enhance your store conversions with the following dynamic elements.

Add Purchase Activity Notifications in WooCommerce

The first method uses social proof notifications to alert your visitors that other people have just made a purchase. This uses FOMO to simply improve your conversions.

The best way to add social proof to WooCommerce is using TrustPulse. It’s one of the best WordPress popup plugins and social proof apps available in the market.

It lets you display real-time purchase notifications across your WooCommerce site easily.

TrustPulse real-time purchase notifications

Create Personalized Marketing Campaigns in WooCommerce

The second method uses dynamic text so that you can show customized marketing messages to your visitors. With dynamic text, you can display your visitor’s name, location, or even day of the week.

It lets you show personalized messages to the right people at the right time to increase your engagement rates and conversions greatly.

The best way to add dynamic text is by using OptinMonster. It’s the best popup, and email capture tool for WordPress used by over 1.2 million websites in the market.

OptinMonster WooCommerce

Firstly, you need to visit the OptinMonster website and create an account. You’ll need at least the Pro level plan to create dynamic text with smart tags.

Then, you need to install and activate the OptinMonster plugin.

This plugin connects your WordPress website to the OptinMonster app.

Upon activation, you need to enter your license key. You can find this information under your account on the OptinMonster website.

In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to OptinMonster » Settings, click ‘Connect an Existing Account’ and enter your account details.

Connect OptinMonster account

Now, you’ll want to connect OptinMonster with WooCommerce.

This grants you additional display rules you can use to customize your campaigns. On the same page, click ‘Auto-Generate Keys + Connect WooCommerce’.

Connect OptinMonster and WooCommerce

After connecting to OptinMonster visit OptinMonster » Campaigns and then click the ‘Add New’ button.

This will take you to the OptinMonster campaign builder tool.

Create new OptinMonster campaign

There are lots of templates you can choose from.

We’re going to create a popup with a WooCommerce smart tag. To do this, choose the ‘Popup’ campaign type and choose one of the templates.

We will select the ‘Offer’ template, but you can choose any template you like.

Select OptinMonster template

Simply hover over the template and click ‘Use Template’.

After you name your campaign and click ’Start Building’, you’ll be taken to the drag and drop campaign builder.

OptinMonster campaign editor screen

You can customize every single part of the popup by clicking on any item and customizing it on the left hand menu.

We’re going to add dynamic text to the header so it displays today’s date and offers our visitors a coupon that’s only valid for the day.

First thing, double click on any text element to bring up the menu. Next, click the ‘Smart Tags’ icon ‘{ }’ to bring up the drop down list of available smart tags.

Select dynamic smart tag

Simply click on the smart tag you want to add to your campaign.

The smart tags use dynamically generated text to provide your visitors with a unique and custom message.

Save dynamic text popup

After you’re finished customizing your popup, be sure to click ‘Save’.

After that, click on the ‘Publish’ tab and then select the ‘Publish’ option.

Publish dynamic text popup

Once you exit out of the builder you’ll be taken to a screen where you can confirm your display settings.

To ensure your popup is live change the status to ‘Published’ in the ‘Visibility & Status’ meta box and then click ‘Save Changes’.

WooCommerce popup visibility settings

Your WooCommerce popup with dynamic text will now be live on your WooCommerce store.

You can continue to test different dynamic text and display settings to see which campaigns bring you the best results.

OptinMontster dynamic text popup

We hoped this article has helped you customize your WooCommerce product pages with no code.

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