24 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Business Websites in 2022 (P2)

Looking for the top WordPress plugins to help you grow your business in 2022?

There are over 58,000+ WordPress plugins that you can choose from.  This makes finding the proper plugin for your website incredibly difficult for new users.

Readers frequently ask us for recommendations for the best WordPress plugins for SEO, social media, backups, speed, etc.

Having the right plugins and tools for WordPress can help you expand your online business. In this article, we have shared our expert pick of the must-have WordPress plugins for business websites in 2022.

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Must have WordPress plugin for business websites

9. WP Rocket

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the best WordPress caching plugin on the market. It helps you instantly improve your WordPress website speed and performance without any technical skills required.

It automatically turns on recommended WordPress caching settings such as gzip compression, page cache, and cache pre-loading. You can also turn on optional features like lazy loading images, CDN support, DNS pre-fetching, minification, etc.

Most importantly, WP Rocket doesn’t wait for someone to request a page to save it in the cache. It crawls and builds your website cache automatically resulting in an instant performance boost.

WP Rocket also provides Imagify which is a free image optimization service to allow you to speed up your website even further.

This is the easiest and most beginner-friendly caching plugin available. The only drawback is that it’s paid only.

Alternative: WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache are free, but they are not as powerful or easy.

10. Sucuri


Security should be a top priority for every online business owner. Sucuri provides a WordPress security plugin and web application firewall which is probably one of the best protection you can find for your site.

They monitor and protect your site from DDoS, malware threats, XSS attacks, brute force attacks, spam comment attacks, and basically any other type of attack. If your website does not have a firewall, you should add one right now.

Sucuri allows us to block millions of attacks every month on our website.

Another plus of Sucuri is that it also automatically adds a CDN layer which significantly speeds up your site.

Although there are other security plugins like WordFence, WP Activity Log, etc, none of them can offer the full protection that Sucuri does. The only real alternative is Cloudflare which can be quite pricy if you get their premium add-ons.

11. PushEngage


PushEngage is the best web push notification plugin for WordPress on the market. It enables you to send targeted messages and announcements to your website visitors using the browser push notification technology.

We normally use push notifications alongside our email newsletter to increase customer engagement and website traffic.

PushEngage has all the powerful features like drip campaigns, a/b testing, dynamic user segmentation, opt-in reminders, powerful analytics, goal tracking, etc.

For eCommerce websites, it can help automatically trigger cart abandonment notifications, price drop alerts, inventory alert notifications, etc.

For bloggers & publishers, it can help automatically send out new blog post notifications to all of your subscribers.

The best thing about PushEngage is that they DO NOT sell your data unlike any other provider in that space.

Alternative: OneSignal is another alternative, but they sell your data on free plans.

12. RafflePress


RafflePress is the best WordPress giveaway plugin now. It helps you instantly increase your website traffic, get more social media followers, and email subscribers with viral giveaways and contests.

RafflePress has an easy drag and drop giveaway builder along with proven giveaway templates that you can use to create a giveaway that captures visitor’s attention.

To participate in the giveaway, website visitors must use their email address and this helps you get more subscribers for your email newsletter.

RafflePress encourages users to follow your social profiles and share the giveaway with their friends to get more entries into the contest. This aids you in increasing social media engagement.

The word-of-mouth marketing allows you to get more traffic, FASTER! This results in more followers, higher sales, and higher revenue!

You can easily connect your social profiles, WordPress form plugins, and other popular marketing platforms and CRMs.

RafflePress has a free version called RafflePress lite that you can start with. If you need more powerful features to skyrocket your growth, you have to use RafflePress Pro.

13. Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator is the best WordPress automation plugin on the market. It enables you to make your existing WordPress plugins work together without having to write any code, so you can automatically schedule routine admin tasks and save time and money.

It integrates with most popular WordPress plugins and third-party platforms, so you can easily build automation recipes without having to hire a developer.

You just need choose from over 400 triggers and actions to create “if this then that” style recipes on your WordPress site (no code needed).

It allows your WordPress plugins to talk to each other, so they work better together. It is like Zapier, but for WordPress.

The best thing is that you can even connect two separate WordPress sites to work together with no need to write any code. This is very useful for online stores and membership sites.

Some example use-cases include:

  • Have 2 WordPress sites talk to each other – sell products on one while create users & setup access on another.
  • Create buttons that can automatically create user accounts
  • Add custom user attributes to user profiles based on user’s actions.
  • Connect your WordPress site with 5000+ external services using a single Zapier integration.
  • … and so much more

14. SearchWP


SearchWP is the most advanced WordPress search plugin on the market. It allows you to improve your site search, so your website visitors can easily find what they’re looking for on your site.

Unlike default WordPress search functionality, SearchWP not only just the post content and indexes everything on your site including custom fields, ACF fields, text files, PDF document content, custom tables, custom taxonomies, custom post types, WooCommerce product attributes, etc.

It also allows you to create your own relevance scale and adjust the algorithm without writing any code.

There is a search metrics feature that helps you see what your visitors are looking for, what they are searching or not searching, so you can enhance your content discoverability.

SearchWP also helps you add powerful features like live AJAX search in WordPress, and it integrates with all major WordPress plugins including but not limited to WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), Meta Box, Toolset, BigCommerce, bbPress, etc.

15. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a suite of web applications like email, docs, spreadsheets, etc. Created by Google, this powerful set of office applications is cheaper, very easy to deploy, and hassle free.

It helps you save costs on software licenses, hardware, hiring IT staff, managing backups, and more. What’s better is that it allows you to use professional email addresses with your own business domain name right inside Gmail.

Alternative: You can also get a free business email from your WordPress hosting provider or use Microsoft Office365.

16. SEMRush


SEMRush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals and business owners. It has powerful features to help you improve your SEO, paid traffic strategy, social media, and content & PR strategy.

It also allows you to gather competitive intelligence on your competitors, so you can outrank them and dominate your industry.

We use their tool to do keyword research, backlink audit, track brand mentions, spy on competitors, discover best-performing posts and pages on social media, ad strategy analysis, and more.

It’s a must have tool in our list for all serious business owners.

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